20063 Capacitor, 75uF


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Product Description

Capacitor, 75uF

75µF capacitor (Note: In 24RS, 24S, 24GT and 24RSX series tanning beds, this capacitor is only used in the canopy. Also in H-ZX32-3F and J-ZX32-3F this capacitor is only used in the canopy.)

Additional Information

Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions4 x 4 x 4 in

ETS / Spectrum Products Tanning

Model Number

E-20SXH, E-24RSFH, E-24RSH, E-24RSTH, E-24SFH, E-24SH, E-24STH, F-20SXH, F-24RSFH, F-24RSH, F-24RSTH, F-24SFH, F-24SH, F-24STH, F-26RSH, F-26RSTH, F-28LX2FH, F-28LXFH, F-28LXH, F-28LXTH, F-ZX32-3FH, F-ZX32H, F-ZX32TH, G-20SXH, G-24RSFH, G-24RSH, G-24RSTH, G-24SFH, G-24SH, G-24STH, G-26RSH, G-26RSTH, G-28LX2FH, G-28LXH, G-28LXTH, G-ZX32-3FH, G-ZX32H, G-ZX32TH, H-24RSFH, H-24RSH, H-24RSTH, H-24SFH, H-24SH, H-24STH, H-26RSH, H-26RSTH, H-28LX2FH, H-28LXH, H-28LXTH, H-36SOLH, H-ZX30H, H-ZX32-3FH, H-ZX32H, H-ZX32TH, J-28LE2FH, J-28LEH, J-28LETH, J-ZX30-3FH, J-ZX30H, J-ZX32-3FH, K-24RSFH, K-24RSH, K-24SFH, K-24SH, K-26RSH, K-26RSTH, K-28LE2FH, K-28LEH, K-28LETH, K-ZX30-3FH, K-ZX30H, K-ZX32-3FH, K-ZX32H, K2-24RSH, L-24RSFH, L-24RSH, L-24RSXH, L-24SFH, L-24SH, L-26RSH, L-26RSTH, L-28LE2FH, L-28LEH, L-28LETH, L-32SOLARH, L-ZX30-3FH, L-ZX30H, L2-24RSH, M-24RSFH, M-24RSH, M-24SFH, M-24SH, M-26RSH, M-26RSTH, M-28LE2FH, M-28LEH, M-28LETH, M-32SOLARH, M-ZX30-3FH, M-ZX30H, M2-24RSFH, M2-24RSH, N-24RSFH, N-24RSH, N-24SFH, N-24SH, N-26RSH, N-28LE2FH, N-28LEH, N-32SOLARH, N-ZX30-3FH, N-ZX30H, N2-24RSFH, N2-24RSH, P-24GTH, P-24RSH, P-26RSH, P-28SVH, P-30SV3FH, P-30SVH, P-32MG3FH, P-32SV3FH, P-32SVH, R-24RSH, R-24SFH, R-24SH, S-24RSH, S-24SFH, S-24SH, S-26RSH, S-28LE2FH, S-28LEH, S-30SV3FH, S-30SVH, S-32SOLARH, S-32SV3FH, S-32SVH, S-48VIP, T-24RSH, T-24SFH, T-24SH, T-26RSH, T-26RSTH, T-28LE2FH, T-28LEH, T-30SV3FH, T-30SVH, T-32SV3FH, T-32SVH, WAO-24SFH, WAO-24SH, WAO-28LE2FH, WAO-28LEH, WAO-32SV3FH, WAO-32SVH, XAO-16XPH, XBO-24XPH, XBO-24XPH120, XBO-28LE2FH, XBO-28LEH, XCO-24XPH

Model Name

Bronzing Sun, Solar System 32, SunQuest 24RS, SunQuest 24RSF, SunQuest 24RST, SunQuest 26RS, SunQuest 26RST, SunStar ZX32, SunStar ZX32 3F, SunStar ZX32T, SunVision 20SX, SunVision 24S, SunVision 24SF, Sunvision 24ST, SunVision 28LX, SunVision 28LX2F, SunVision 28LXF, Sunvision 28LXT, Sunvision Elite


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