Reptile UV Meter, Model 6.2


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Septile Solarmeter Model 6.2 UV meter. UVB 280-320 nm. Microwatts/sq. cm.Sensitive version of reptile lamps.The Solarmeter 6.2 is the most accurate hand held ultraviolet radiometer UVB meter on the market. And although it’s a “broad band” meter, it measures the complete UVB range (280 nanometers to 320 nanometers) it peak sensitivity is at 295nm. This is the main UVB needed to induce Vitamin D3 synthesis.This makes the Solarmeter 6.2 uvb meter the perfect choice to use to check the UVB output of reptile lamps.This tool will save you hundreds of dollars over its life by enabling you to accurately determine when your bulbs need replacing and which ones are worth buying.



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