5.0 UV Meter Solarmeter


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  • Integral Sensor
  • Compact 
  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • LCD readout


  • UV Lamp Aging Tests
  • Acrylic Shield Transmission
  • Eyewear UV Block Tests
  • Compare Browning Rays
  • Estimate Tt Time

Proper Usage of Solarmeter ® Ultraviolet Radiometer for Lamp Aging Tests

  • Wear eye protection when checking UV lamps (UV-block wrap around glasses)
  • Allow lamps to warm-up prior to taking readings (at least 5 min).
  • When checking aging of lamps, keep measuring distance and locations constant.
  • Lamps should be replaced when output drops to about 70% of their original (new) readings. Take overall reading at center of tanning bed bench pointing up with canopy closed, or check individual lamps at acrylic with canopy up. Keep track of hours vs. readings on a chart.
  • If unsure of what original new values were, replace two adjacent lamps with new ones of the same kind and compare old ones.
  • This meter is primarily “seeing” the UVA “browning” rays. For erythemal rays use Model 7.0 MED/hr meter to relate to Te time.
  • When checking acrylic transmission, take reading through acrylic; then remove acrylic and hold meter sensor at approximately the same distance from lamp as the acrylic shield was located. Note: Model 6.0 UVB meter is better for this purpose).
  • When using this meter to compare different types of lamps, due to their different spectral power distributions, the readings should be considered relative rather than absolute. Although higher output lamps of similar SPD’s will read higher than low output lamps, ones that peak near 365 nm (as does the meter response) will read higher than ones peaking near 350 nm even if the total UV output of both is the same.
  • Do not subject the meter to extremes in temperature, humidity, shock or dust.
  • Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the intrument. Keep sensor free of oil, dirt, etc.

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