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Body Wrap Kit- great starter package consisting of everything you need to get started.

Start your own body wrap business with this low price package which includes the warming oven.  Now you can offer the same body wrap spa formulas of high priced salons in New York City, Beverly Hills, and Palm Springs.  Your clients may lose 5-15 Inches in one body wrap. Experience a cleansing and detoxifying wrap with our 99% pure Aloe Vera “collagen enriched” formula included in this kit.  With the Sea Clay and Sea Mud formula they will experience an all over pulling and tightening effect.

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This kit has enough formula for 500 complete treatments, typically five times more than our competitor’s for the same price.

This kit includes:
1 gallon of Aloe Vera Collagen recipe
1 gallon Sea Clay Type
1 gallon Sea Mud
1 Body Wrap Warming Oven
32 Ounces Amino Acid Spray
32 Ounces Miracle Gel
32 Ounces Slim Thighs
2 Vinyl Sauna Suits
2 Pair of Booties
4 Body Brushes
2 Tape Measures
30 Cotton-elastic blend wraps
30 Body Wrap Brochures
15 Dry Skin Brush Brochures
30 Client Measurement Charts
30 Pair Body Wrap Technician Gloves
2 Pair Insulated Gloves (to lift hot wraps from warming oven)
1 Internal Cleansing Book
1 Body Wrap Training Manual and DVD