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Used Hydromassage Lounge 450 originally purchased in 2017.  Financing Available Call! Unit includes Touch Screen Monitor, External Cooling System, Manual, Defoamacide and will include a 90 Day Warranty on Parts and 30 Day on the labor .

Free Freight to any of the lower 48 States. Installation is included to only the following states -FL, GA, AL, SC, TN, NC, OH, KY, IN, PA, NY, VA, MD, DE, NJ, IL, MO, AR, LA and OK. Call if you are located outside this area and we will quote you a price.   Call for more pictures and details 1-800-996-7786.

Features and Benefits

Open, Seated Design.  Engineered for those who want the wellness benefits of massage, but don’t have the time or desire to lie down and close their eyes. Upright, seated position = maximum visibility and comfort.  Users more commonly engage with the Touchscreen, smartphone apps, and others around them during the massage, making the Lounge a more social experience.

Smaller, More Manageable Size.  HydroMassage Lounge models have a 35% smaller footprint as compared to the traditional Beds, providing a solution for spaces where HydroMassage may not have previously fit.  Also, Lounges may be installed in open areas, whereas Bed models are typically installed in more private spaces.

Smooth Wave Travelling Massage.  After designing, engineering, and manufacturing over 15 generations of water massage systems since 1989, the smooth wave massage is consistently the most preferred system by users.  Travelling jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, allowing users to select the exact points where they would like to concentrate the massage (1-30), select the desired massage pressure (10 levels), adjust the speed (4 settings), and even hold the massage in any given area.

Water through Air Technology.  During the massage, the user rests comfortably above the water level, providing stabilization and delivery of maximum potential massage pressure.

HydroMassage Touchscreen.  Allowing complete personalization and real-time adjustment of the massage, the HydroMassage Touchscreen is the most technologically advanced water massage interface on the market.

Multimedia Content Library.  While some users prefer to close their eyes and relax, others may enhance the massage experience with relaxation videos, music, wellness articles, games, e-books, and internet access if desired

Preset Massage Programs.  Users may select from a range of pre-programmed massages or create and save their own perfect massage.

LED Lighting Panel Package.  The LED panel lighting system can be adjusted at any time to coordinate with your room décor or color schemes.

HydroMassage Desktop Software.  Want to regulate usage of HydroMassage to those paying for a HydroMassage session or membership?  Proprietary HydroMassage Desktop Software connects HydroMassage to your front desk computer and gives your staff control to activate HydroMassage.

Member Management Software.  Are your HydroMassage units unattended?  Member Management Software provides the capability to set-up individual user accounts, and requires users to enter a 6-9 digit code before HydroMassage can be activated.  HydroMassage is also external timer, token system, and currency acceptor compatible.

Self-Diagnostic.  HydroMassage runs diagnostic tests to alert you to any potential software or operational issues with a unique code which assists our Technical Support Team with the resolution.

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