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Hottest Tanning Lamps we have! 8-9% UVB (8-10 Minute) Free Shipping


Product Description

Hottest Tanning lamps we have, receive 24 Lamps with FREE SHIPPING-Description- The perfect lamp for salon owners who want the highest performance option for serving their most demanding customers. It is the undisputed performance leader in 100-watt sunlamps and is designed for short-session use, rapid skin coloration and strong melanogenic effect, with an emphasis on increased UVB-wavelength energy.

You will receive 24 of the following Lamps. If your bed has Starters and/or Facial Lamps, you can purchased those below. For more details on this lamp package please read description below.

Base- Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W)22
UVB Flux (W)1.0
Total UV (W)23.0
Rated Hours- 800
Typical Exp. Time 8-14 Minutes


Lamps will be shipped UPS, Fedex or Larger Shipments by Truck.
You must inspect you shipment before signing for them.
If you order the wrong Lamps you will be responsible for freight charges to return the lamps and for a replacement shipment.
You MUST ACCEPT THIS PACKAGE REGARDLESS OF CONDITION! If there is damage please note at the time of delivery. If your the package is left at your door and there is damage please call 1-800-667-9189. We will handle the claims process and immediately replace the damaged lamps at not cost to you.

Lamp Box Disclaimer
Lamp Box Disclaimer

Additional Information

Weight36 lbs
Dimensions71 x 8 x 6 in
Lamp Quantity




Lamp Connection

BP Bi-Pin

Lamp Length


Minutes of Your Bed or the Color You Would like to achieve

10-12 Minutes- 8-9% UVB

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