Cosmolux VHR TT FR71-160 Watt QTY 24 (Bi-Pin)


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Sold is Case Quantities of 24 Lamps, Call for Volume Pricing.

The CosmoLux VHR TT was developed on the heels of the success of the VHR. This lamp uses all of the components of the VHR, including the base phosphor, to which we blend a small volume of a stable and aggressive UVB emitter. The lamp has with the same superb tanning properties of the VHR and the added ‘kick’ provided by the UVB component.
Product Number  16169
Description  FR71
Wattage  160
Base  Bi-Pin
UVA Flux (W)  38.0
UVB Flux (W) 1.2
Total UV (W)  39.2
Rated Hours  800
Typical Exp. Time  7-12 Mins.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 64 x 8 x 8 in


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