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Troubleshooting Blog for all the common questions regarding your tanning beds and spray tanning machines. We have over 400 User Manuals and Wiring Schematics available to download for free. We also have a network of tanning bed repairman across the USA.

22 thoughts on “Technical Support Blog for all make and model tanning beds

  1. Where can I get wiring info and stuff to wire up my 1993 sunal 30nl0 tanning bed

    1. Call and we will provide phone assistance.

  2. is it possible to email us an owners manual for a sunal del sol tanning bed?

    1. Sure we will email it to you or you can download it for free under the Manuals Category.

  3. I need help Im in need of the wiring schematics for a 1993 sunal newline yellowhandle 30nl0 bed and need to know how to get the replacement allen Bradley relay inside of bed

    1. We offer a Wiring Schematic with the purchase of the new Relay

  4. Hi there

    I have an old Sonnen Bronne Wolff System 624 that only has 1 out of 4 of the fans working so I’m looking for parts for that and or a manual. Also need to know if I can replace the fans with any type of fan. Can you help point me in the right direction? Thank you!


    1. Click on the link provided, these are the Fans used in that model bed.

  5. Is anyone familar with a 1994 Sonnen braune 730 bench? It’s 220v. And it holds 30 bulbs. My question is….How in the HELL does it come on?? I bought the bed for my wife and she REALLY wants to use it..I have a background of electrical…..DC voltage primarly so I somewhat know what I’m doing but I don’t understand the timers…it has an internal timer/relay and I also have a. T Max 3a timer..One of my biggest problem is someone cut the wire connecting the beds and it also has a 4 conducter black cable that plugs in the bottom that also has been cut..Can ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME ????

    1. You will need to connect the T-Max to the Remote Timer port on the back of the bed- call for help.

  6. Dr kern blue dream model cx320 wiring diagram & trouble shooting.

    1. It will be emailed to the address that you provided.

  7. Yes I am looking for bulbs to fit an older tanning bed it is a
    Sun Industries
    If there is vans way you could help me finish the right bulbs I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at the address given thanks for your help

    1. Click on the link provided to you, this is what you need.

  8. I have a tanning bed an all the info I have is its 1994 modal # 424SL serial # 164 series IV SCA Wolff trying to find a manual for repairs the lights won’t stay on an for parts I need shocks, acrylic , and possible bulbs but don’t know what parts it calls for could u help please with this info

    1. It was emailed to the address you provided.

  9. I have a 95 sunal del sol 24 tanning bed. How do i remove the acrylics to change lamps?

    1. You remove the two retaining screws in the back rail. Then you push the acrylic up into the rear channel where the two screws were located, the front side will come out.

  10. I have a 2006 sunquest 24rs model. I am trying to find out how many hours are on the bed.. it has a digital timer with a green button w/a clock to turn on and a red button that says stop. Then a display for minutes.. is there a certain button sequence I can press that will display the hours ? Thanks.

    1. Please call and we will email you the owner’s manual with those instructions.

  11. stuck main contactor fault on royal sun 32/0 express. replaced main contactor and still having fault. tanning bed will cycle on and off by itself then stops with audible alarm and says main contactor stuck.

    1. Please call us and provide your email address, we will forward you the instructions for this issue.

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